Malév - Flatland Cup 2010 from 4th of July to 16th of July, 2010

Champions of FLC 2009

Mixed Open Class:
Christophe Cousseau
10052 points
Mixed 18m Class:
Christophe Cousseau
10151 points
20m-Multiseat Class:
Laszlo Hegedus
9893 points
Mixed Open Class HUN NAC:
Peter Szabo
10324 points
18m Class HUN NAC:
Peter Szabo
10533 points
FAI Club Class HUN Reg:
Zoltán Hamar
10003 points

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At the time of the competition the daily weather-forecast will be available here.


National Meteorological Service
An all-embracing general database of the National Meteorological Service.

Satellite pictures, thermal predictions for both "beginner and experienced" pilots.

Horizont Flight School
Daily thermal forecasts mapped on 3 regions of the country with important information for gliding

Aviation Weather for Europa
Collection of significant maps, military wind and rainfall predictions.

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