Opening ceremony…and the rest

At 0930LT at the Briefing Hangar.
Briefing follows directly.
Grid Time expected to be 1100LT, Runway 16 is in use.

Registration is on…

Please find the scorers and register at the scoring office.

Opening ceremony postponed

Due to many late arrivals to the competition, the opening ceremony is postponed to Sunday morning, at 0900LT front of the small hangar. First briefing is tonight at 2030LT at the briefing room.

Local Procedure

The second version of the Local Procedure is published by the FLC2012 Organisers. You can get if from here:

Online registration is ON!

Don’t be shy to ask your boss (if you actually have one) about giving your summer holiday from 3rd to 18th August 2012, and register to the competition now! You can reach the online registration form on the right, or by clicking here.

Here it comes!

Flatland Cup 2012

This year we took a short break after organizing the two World’s (WWGC 2009 and WGC 2010), but now we are fully ready to manage another great Flatland Cup! In Flatland Cup history, as You can remember, there were several competitions with more than 10.000 point, cloud bases high above 2.000 meters, and many-many 500 km tasks. We hope, Mother Nature will surprise us next year with all these “heavenly goods”, and You’ll be able to enjoy the marvelous flat land weather.

Have good landings, and see You on the competition!

The Organizing Team